Country houses for sale in Umbria and Tuscany. Having a cottage in Umbria is the desire of more and more people. It is supported by a research carried out by the Home Studies Center. This information is contained in the report confirming that despite the “crisis” in real estate, the trend is rising. Over the last 12 months, the question of who is looking for a farmhouse to buy in Umbria has grown. We had an increase of 1.9% per cent yet.

To seek peace and serenity in the Umbrian countryside are so many. We find firsthand people aged 45 to 65 who have decided to escape from urban realities. This escape can be given for both business reasons and because of retirement age. The spending budget is usually high. This is due to the fact that we turn to valuable goods that have been restored with extreme care. The budget is between € 250,000 and € 650,000.

casali in vendita in umbria

Houses in Umbria a lifestyle

The amounts affect areas that are affordable not only as a home but also as cultivated land. Another factor determining the presence of swimming pools or tennis courts, riding, woods and lakes.

In 2014, average selling prices per square meter for restored or in good condition in Umbria remained unchanged. That is, Todi area 2.800 euros, 2.400 euros of Assisi and Torgiano, Baschi 1.600 euros and Orvieto 3.200 euros. Umbria’s houses are also of interest to foreign families. The most important foreign area is North Europe (England, Holland Denmark and Sweden). Buyers in recent years, according to research, have abandoned the territories of Tuscany. This phenomenon caused a growth for Umbria on average cheaper than 30%.

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