Umbria with its castles has witnessed wars, conquests and power struggles that have left their mark in the history of our civilization. The “Heart of Italy” has always been disputed by all Italian regions for its enviable position and left us many testimonies. Whether in small towns than in large cities are many fortified places that were protagonists of historical events: fortresses, castles, fortresses and city walls that intersect with the fate of prominent families and Saints: a huge artistic and architectural heritage that is among the most representative and valuable of the “Bel Paese”.
And right now we find them for sale: historic buildings, castles and historic residences with a large gap for the price, from EUR 500 thousand to several million ……. even tens of millions. Umbria is in our market supply of historic houses and castles of different ages and of different sizes, but all share a common characteristic: uniqueness (..not just for everyone).


Castles in Umbria

Some time ago even the New York Times devoted an article to the castle of San Giuliano (a property of 2.65 million euro), which is required for maintenance and repair, but who will buy will come into possession of a piece of history that nowhere else in the world you can find. These beautiful properties are located throughout Umbria, Tuoro Orvieto, Todi through, not to mention the island of Maggiore Lake Trasimeno where there is a castle that attracted to itself all the worldliness of the Kingdom of Italy. These properties are just waiting for a new owner that you love them and that the carry-splendor to give their unique feelings and atmospheres fairytale ……

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