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Cottage in Umbria

cottage in umbria

Cottage in Umbria

…..what is it? It is not an ordinary house but a little gem something precious that has conse many secrets and so much history. Each cottage in Umbria is unique, unique for its location, for its panoramic views, only because it is a piece of history, a piece of our origins.
Think about those old floors or those old fireplaces that are in the cottage in Umbria who knows how many people saw them or used, look thinking about who knows what and who knows what project Each cottage in Umbria belongs a story a story that the locals know and remember, handing down from generation to generation, once in the house where he lived Mariano ………….

casale in Umbria

casale in Umbria

One thing unites all the farmhouses in Umbria, that are built with stones of the place, which for the most part are equipped with own wells or spring water …… not a fairy tale to have its own water? It is really a magic, as it is for each house in Umbria being surrounded by natural beauty and enchanting places and enchanted as the city of Todi, Assisi, Orvieto, Spoleto, Perugia and so on and so forth.
Are places with a past that dates back to the ancient Etruscans and proceeds through the Roman civilization, the medieval period etc. etc. ….. Each farmhouse in Umbria is close to a village or hamlet is extraordinary enough to do little research to find out the stories unexpected. Your cottage in Umbria awaits them is in a corner ready to surprise to charm you and make you fall in love.
A cottage in Umbria the beginning of a dream ……

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