Villa for sale in Arezzo

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Villa for sale in Arezzo
For sale Trattativa riservata - prestigious properties, Villas
700 3 Garages

Prestigious villa for sale in Arezzo. The building complex is located in a hilly area in the immediate vicinity of Arezzo and is easily accessible by the municipal road network. The complex has a park of about 1 hectare with an outdoor swimming pool. The is composed of three buildings, two residential and one used as a garage that we go to see in detail:
The first is a two-storey residential building with a total gross area of approx. 335 approx
composed of a single real estate unit with 5 rooms.

On the ground floor there are kitchen, dining room, double living room, cellars, laundry room, technical room, toilet, basement and two bedrooms on the first floor, bedroom with attic study, hallway, toilet. The walls of the rooms against the ground are isolated from the ground by
accessible cavity. On two sides of the building there is a portico with pillars in
masonry and roofing partly in masonry and partly in wood and terracotta tiles. Everything is presented with excellent finishes and in excellent condition.

Prestigious villa for sale in Arezzo

Second residential building on two floors, one basement and the other above ground, with a gross surface area of approx. 212 consisting of two residential units, one per floor. The basement has two underground sides, isolated from the ground by means of accessible cavities, and two sides above ground and is intended partly as a cellar and partly as an apartment. It comes in the rough of partitions and finishes, except for the exterior fixtures which are in excellent condition.

The ground floor apartment consists of 2 kitchen rooms and double living room / bed,
pantry, toilet and hallway and comes with excellent finishes and excellent
state of conservation.

Third building on one floor, buried on three sides and above ground on the fourth side, used as a garage equipped with three independent entrances with a gross surface area of approx. About 56 in excellent condition
of conservation.

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Villa for sale in Arezzo
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