Perugia town with 165,000 inhabitants, and many wonders, to sway in the life, culture, walk downtown and discover treasures such as the Fontana Greater one of the greatest examples of Italian medieval sculpture, created to celebrate the completion of the new waterworks, between 1278 and 1280 by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano. Or the Palazzo dei Priori which is one of the most majestic architectural expressions of the Italian Medieval civilization.

In this ancient city we find several examples of the Etruscans, the first known settlements date back to the XI and X BC We also traces of Roman Perusia and arrive to the Byzantine period.

The Perugia name is probably of Etruscan origin and is made by the Romans as Perusia”. The oldest record of the name seems to be an Etruscan stele of the seventh century BC found in Vetulonia.


Perugia city of art

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