Today, the real estate market seems broken, but looking closely, we can see several factors. The properties for sale are many true, but I’ve always been so, perhaps today, unlike 20 years ago, yet we have more choices, but you could say the same for a refrigerator or a food processor. Basically there are many properties that remain unsold for some time, but it is also true that today we are more difficult and more demanding, capriciosi. Maybe they spend years without anyone showing a real interest in this building.

mercato immobiliare

Real estate market today

Now let’s have a question ……………… but it’s all the fault of the real estate market? Or the good is not sold because it looks bad, not suitable for a moment, no technology services etc etc. This should make us reflect, not would it be to figure out what we want to do with our property? We want to sell? We want to try to sell, or the right way to see what happens? Nothing is automatic is nothing has variants …… .pensateci. Good deal at all.


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