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  • Vendita palazzina di pregio
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  • Vendita palazzina di pregio

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Sale building valuable city center with excellent finishing, located in the heart of the city, and adjacent to a large car park, the bus station, the escalators to reach the center. Slightly above the old stadium of Cilia, from the top floor you can enjoy a great view. II regularly shaped complex is spread over 03 levels. It develops a land area of about 1600 square meters.


Vendita palazzina di pregio incentro

Sale building valuable downtown

Distributed as follows:

I) AI plane Piazza Caduti del Lavoro approx 550.00

2) • AI street level Via hunter Alps approx 830.00

3) • AI basement about rnq 220.

It equipped with air conditioning units and internal elevator that connects the three levels, until last December was occupied entirely by the Ministry of archaeological services goods .Vista the layout and the various revenue can frazionarlo depending on any esigenze.Potrebbe be attractive to a private school , nursing home, private clinic, bank, laboratory, radiology etc … ..

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