The realtor perfect? ​​…. Well there is and with some little trick is easy to recognize.
The figure of real estate has been recently revalued giving due importance because this is not simply promoting a property but is the mediator between the parties.
Yeah, the real estate agent is the one who operates in the interests of both parties (seller and buyer) maintaining objectivity, and may practice only after completing a course and a qualifying examination, and have joined the Chamber of Commerce of its competence … hence the real adventure begins. First, it must be able to identify a research and acquisition of office for sale of the property as well as the consistency check (technical, administrative and legal) real estate which may be required estimate. Let’s say that the assessment of the property is a very delicate and from which can be derived capacity, reliability and impartiality of the estate agent since the commission is proportional to the agreed amount, the real estate agent might be tempted by inflating a tiny bit the value of the property in order to draw greater profit possible sale of it. So beware of those who attribute to your property value excessive even for you!
In any case, once it acquired the position and calculated the estimate the professional will seek or receive a potential buyer and evaluate its demands in order to find the best solution according to the needs of the buyer, who will in turn submit a proposal purchase. From good broker agent must communicate the proposal to the seller and the buyer, in case is accepted, it will lead the party in the conclusion of the preliminary sale. And after so much effort it will be time to smile even to the real estate agent who, only at the time of registration of the sale, be entitled to receive the compensation they deserve, according to a commission previously established with both sides .
The realtor perfect is described therefore beware of those who do not follow this procedure because it reveals very unprofessional, and I recommend … .occhio imitations !!!

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