Vintage villa for sale in Lazio with Park

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  • Villa d'epoca in vendita
  • Villa d'epoca in vendita
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  • Villa d'epoca in vendita
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  • Villa d'epoca in vendita
  • Villa d'epoca in vendita
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  • Villa d'epoca in vendita
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  • Villa d'epoca in vendita
Vintage villa for sale in Lazio with Park
For sale Trattativa riservata - prestigious properties, Villas
30000 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms

Vintage villa for sale in Lazio with Park. This magnificent estate is a site of exceptional historical and unique also suitable for weddings and events. The outdoor areas include a large park and magnificent gardens dominating the entire valley, from which you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset. Visiting the gardens we find rich in culturally interesting spaces such as a small obelisk dating from the late sixteenth to early seventeenth century with the original benches, the hunting lodge, with its tower bound by the Fine Arts and various romantic routes. The undisputed beauty of the landscape is also ideal for inspiring film shoots. The famous film “all roads lead to Rome” which featured Raul Bova, Sarah Jessica Parker, Claudia Cardinale etc. etc.

Vintage villa for sale in Lazio with Park

Internally we find two large rooms finely decorated, which have retained the charm of past centuries. Six exclusive rooms, furnished with period furniture, with panoramic views and private bathrooms with shower or bathtub. In detail: on the ground floor, there are two parallel decorated salons, a dining room, an antique kitchen, a bedroom, two bathrooms, a storage room and, on the upper floor, five bedrooms, a panoramic lounge, two bathrooms, the infinite attic atelier. To enrich the home, also two large fireplaces, carpets, fine furnishings. The interiors can accommodate up to 120 guests seated, while the outside, with the addition of special facilities, can accommodate an unlimited number. The beds are 14, and can reach about twenty.

In numbers the villa is on 2 levels for a total of 520 square meters, in addition to the villa we also have a dependance of turret for u total of 130 square meters, all is surrounded by a magnificent park of 3 hectares.



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