In Italy, with Fratta Todina venue, is born


, an real estate agency. That revolutionires the entire sector with innovative proposal ideas. The purpose of Italy Home Luxury  is to create a trusting enduring relationship with the client and a continuing assurance of maximal visibility all over the world, offering complete personalized service based on individual client’s specific needs.

From ITALY HOME LUXURY the client is KING  and is driven and assisted with ultimate discretion and trasparency in any diraction he wishes to go.
Our strong points are the capacity and possibility of offering any type of service, as well as careful selection for the buyer client with the absolute respect based on the Real Estate Ethical Code. This client guarantee of maximum transparency, honestyand assistance at each stage is for the buying process and related necessaries.

Every property entrusted in ITALY HOME LUXURY will submitted to the following stages:

  • Analysis of saleability: The value of the home property is the first to be determined before considering a sale. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the local and national market, we are able to provide a real assessment of the property’s valuation.
  • Search Documentation: This is necessary to identify the property at land registry office, legal and financial; researd of any active and passive servitude. Additionally, notary assistance and technical copies act; reguest or execution of plansand all relevant information to the buyer for making a decision.
  • Promotion: The property will be promoted trough the corporate website with high visibility and interfacing with other italian and foreign agencies with customer authorization.
  • Marketing: Selecting the buyer trough requests received and registered customers trough our contacts. Presentation of the property prepared on a high professional level. Compotent management on all aspects and characteristics. Analysis of purchase proposals received, assistance and coordination of the parties up until the closing of the sale or lease.


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