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Italy Home Luxury, real estate in Umbria, offers a wide selection of properties, luxury homes, villas, castles, castles and other properties all carefully selected for a very demanding and precise clientele. Every property proposed is carefully evaluated and considered in all respects. The houses or properties we offer have been inspected so that they can be seen with the customer’s eyes.

Italy Home Luxury is a real estate in Umbria thanks to its multilingual site and its staff who knows and speaks correctly English and French to help alian the foreign tourist who, like many, falls in love with our region and wants to buy a luxury cottage in Our beautiful countryside.

What to visit in Umbria

Umbria,  land of peace and serenity with ancient flavors handed down over time. This beautiful region crossed by the Tiber is full of natural and architectural beauties. The regional natural parks in Umbria are six, one of the most beautiful of the other and all to be visited. Umbria is rich in historical traces that testify to its ancient past that dates back to the prehistoric times. This region is rich in ancient villages and towns, all of them alike and all different, the only thing that is shared is the preservation of goods and their uniqueness. The capital is Perugia, a city that offers a wide choice of monuments to visit and hosts various cultural events such as Umbria Jazz, Eurochocolate etc. etc.

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