Castle for sale in Umbria

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  • Vendesi Castello in Umbria
  • Vendesi Castello in Umbria
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Castle for sale in Umbria
For sale Trattativa riservata - Castles, prestigious properties
20000 5 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms

Castle for sale in Umbria about 12 km from Todi and about 16 from Orvieto. Castle for sale in Umbria is a simple thing to say but now let’s go into details. Along a road that is considered among the most beautiful in Italy for its panoramic views and for the particularity of the places it crosses. Pristine green areas (Tiber river park) chase suggestive villages for the continuous amazement of every tourist, until they reach the majestic beauty of the cities of Todi and Orvieto. The Castle is located in the center of an estate of about 20 hectares, in an elevated position with respect to the city of Todi, which is clearly visible on the side of the church of S. Maria della Consolazione.

The property includes arable land and about 8 hectares of forest where it is easy to find mushrooms and truffles. The building has an area of about 450 square meters. Inside there are three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, an apartment with a living room, a large bedroom, a small bedroom and a bathroom. On the ground floor a common area with two living rooms one of which is of a suggestive circular shape, bathroom, kitchen, entrance hallway (hall). The kitchen has an internal wood-burning oven and an external pizza oven.

Castle for sale in Umbria

The terraced spaces are very large and located on the various floors of the building. In the basement there is a room with a Jacuzzi and a wood-fired sauna. The structure has two wells, one at an altitude of 90 meters. and the other at over 120 mt. A cistern of about 25,000 liters in vitrified cement for food use is located in the immediate vicinity of the building. An underground gas tank absorbs heating and cooking needs.

A sophisticated solar thermal system integrated with a fireplace and a condensing boiler manages the heating of the central part of the building, while the tower area (which includes two suites) has its own independent gas system. The kitchen has its own independent entrance at the back of the building which can be reached by car for easy loading / unloading of raw materials. On the back of the building there is also a play area for children with a swing, slide, climbing, etc. Outside, in a panoramic position over Todi and the surrounding mountains, a large 7-seater hot tub was installed.


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Castle for sale in Umbria
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