Who’s the real estate agent? What is a real estate agency? In this small article we will try to do to understand the function of estate agents. The role in the mediation in buying and selling real estate, between seller and buyer.

The real estate agency has a dual function; primarily for those who have a property (apartment, house, garage, or commercial properties) to sell or to lease. Here begins a search for the person or family interested in buying or renting property. The second hypothesis rather for those who want to buy or rent a home, the agency is concerned to accompany him to visit the properties which – according to the agent – are closest to the economic needs and possibilities.

Once you believe you have found “the right property”, the agency is responsible for assisting the customer – that is, the one who has to buy or rent the house. At this point it must sign a written proposal that is subjected to the property in order to have a serious and definitive answer.

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