Restored farmhouses in Umbria in this region steeped in history which is also found in the home, from the most noble and stately, with those farmers and more humble but not poor of charm, but …

In any case, whether it’s one or the other type of house it is certain that we talk about housing outdated and therefore free from all the amenities, even the most discounted to which we are all used to, and that are inserted in the house without distorting the nature and even keeping the originality of the property as possible.

Casale in umbria

Restored farmhouses in Umbria

Anyone intending to buy an old house and renovate it must have a clear idea of what will be its future use for example by the simple second home in the countryside, the farm, the B & B, etc .. and in any case must entrust the project and the realizzazzione to specialized professionals in order to avoid spoiling the charm of the house. In addition it is essential to consult a technical study to find out about constraints and the limits within which they can operate without distorting the house according to municipal regulation.

The professionals hired will appraise him of starting well was the assessment of the solidity of the floors and perimeter walls intact and if you will go to the renovation of the interior and exterior plaster taking into account the ducts for the various installations (electrical, water and sewage) that will be subcontracted by qualified personnel with relevant certification release.

E ‘out of the question that if you decided to take this route you need to bring their own a lot of patience, however, aware that at the end of the work you will end up having a single house doing so part of restored farmhouses in Umbria.


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