Do you dream of owning a shelter in the middle of a forest? .. Or .. You want to dominate a beautiful valley from your home? ..

or .. would you like to open the bedroom window and admire a rich history of the church? Well Umbria is the region for you … Yeah in Umbria we find a bit ‘of everything! Here we find woods, hills and valleys in fact is called the “green heart” of Italy, and with everything so much history but seen in larger towns and more notes such as Perugia, Todi, Assisi, Spoleto and Orvieto in the small villages, the ones that count very few inhabitants but where is the tangible historical heritage of the region and more generally in central Italy.


Casale in vendita

Farmouses for sale in Umbria

And if this is what fascinates you why not purchase a property with its own history? And ‘possible to find different farmhouses for sale in Umbria dating back to different eras; There are, in fact, immersed in an area of ​​several hectares, clusters of houses with centuries of history behind it, perhaps belonged to noble families or large landowners, and which in some cases you can get the documents certifying that historical interest.

At the same time we find for sale houses built more recently and smaller square footage but who possess a great charm; are stone buildings with tiled floors and wooden beams are surrounded by land, vary in size, but almost always with olive groves, which get a very good and high-quality extra virgin olive oil !!! What do you expect ???

Put yourself in search and choose among the farmhouses for sale in Umbria



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